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Dr. Kate’s writing focuses on evidence-based mental fitness and peak performance.

Bulletproofing the Psyche
Praeger Publishing

Bulletproofing the Psyche: Preventing Mental Health Problems in Our Military and Veterans offers an important introduction to the concept of mental fitness training. Anthology editors Kate Hendricks Thomas and David L. Albright have pulled together an interdisciplinary team of researchers, practitioners, and military veterans to outline the case for resilient skills training. Contributors include leaders in the field of trauma research, military social work, and veterans’ health practice.

Anyone can learn to be more resilient. Mental fitness training methods include body-based protocols long used in the treatment sector to rewire brains after trauma. These innovative, somatic techniques can be employed at any time with powerful neurological and physical impact. Weaving together personal stories from military veterans and the latest in holistic behavioral medicine research, this book offers a call to action for those interested in peak performance.

Bulletproofing the Psyche: Preventing Mental Health Problems in Our Military and Veterans book cover

Brave Strong True
Innovo Publishing

Brave, Strong, True: The Modern Warrior’s Battle for Balance is a practical call to health for America’s modern military warriors and those who support them. With a unique blend of personal narratives and current research, author Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas explores this question: what if we could train America’s service members to succeed in mental battles as we do in physical ones? Transparent and honest, this book uses her own stories and those of fellow veterans to make the case for resilient skills training.

In an accessible and inspiring way, this Marine-turned-PhD outlines clear strategies – including social support, self regulation, and spiritual practice – for readers to meet the challenge of living purposeful lives. Her research offers a wealth of knowledge and practical guidance for veterans, their family members, military commands, mental health professionals, and everyday citizens who identify with the title “warrior.” Resilience can be trained and cultivated in all of us.

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Invisible Wounds of War
Oxford University Press – Coming in 2019

The growing recognition that military and civilian society are unprepared for the full and continuing impact of invisible wounds of war raises legitimate questions about the most effective manner to respond to those returned warriors and families already impacted by combat operations. For example, the financial burdens of PTSD alone on the U.S. economy are estimated to range in the billions of dollars, and do not account for the full societal and moral impact of mental health-related combat injuries. Yet, these still-growing consequences, both known and yet to be appreciated, also raise questions about traditional Just War Theory, specifically the calculus of deciding to engage in combat operations. While the consideration of collateral effects on civilians in the battlefield has been a staple of military decision-making since the promulgation of the earliest international laws of war, this volume offers a new, heretofore unexplored, paradigm for civilian and military leadership in the preliminary decision of whether and how to conduct combat operations.

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