Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas is committed to sharing her behavioral health research in settings both academic and popular. Her books and blogs work to make health science practical, accessible, and personal.

Her work has been published widely and can be found in peer-reviewed journals such as Advances in Social Work, the Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health, and Gender Forum


Bulletproofing the Psyche: Preventing Mental Health Problems in Our Military and Veterans

Latest Blog Posts:

Podcasts: Listen to learn more

Tired of reading my long blogs? How about a great, downloadable podcast so we can talk #vethealth on the move like this one with Life in Focus? Every now and again I get the chance to discuss my resiliency research with an interviewer interested in spending some...

Partner Violence Issues Facing Military Women

This week, I decided to share something personal on Task & Purpose, even though that is downright unpleasant to do. There's a point in doing it, however, and I hope it strikes you as relevant. As many of you know, I do a bit of guest blogging for sites like Social...

An Interview with Huff Post

I was honored to share my thoughts on yoga as a healing modality for military veterans with the Huffington Post today. I got to use a lot of personal pronouns and tell a few stories. This is rare - I'm usually discussing the subject with my researcher's hat on. Learn...

What Is a Winning Mind?

I spend a lot of time these days helping people become more resilient. I think I am passionate about it because in the past I have flopped SO spectacularly. My mistakes almost leveled me. When I left the Marine Corps, I had a hard time carving a new identity for...

Military Women in Combat Arms

I'm increasingly passionate about the issues military women face before, during, and after service. A strong body of research points to a significant correlation between expectations and performance. When students are told they’re gifted, their academic performance...

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