This week, I decided to share something personal on Task & Purpose, even though that is downright unpleasant to do. There’s a point in doing it, however, and I hope it strikes you as relevant.

As many of you know, I do a bit of guest blogging for sites like Social Work Helper and We Are the Mighty. I love the chance to talk about my work and research in mainstream spaces. Publishing research is fine (and required in my line of work), but very few people read scientific journals. Even when I write for more mainstream periodicals, I find myself hiding behind data a bit and avoiding personal pronouns with the skill of a trained academic. We love to pretend to be distanced and objective…

This is one of the more personal blogs I’ve ever publicly published – “The neighbors who called the police never asked me any questions, and I never offered them anything but averted eyes. I couldn’t tell anyone about it, even as forgiving and forgetting each incident was getting harder and harder to do. I was all alone at this point by choice.

I’m a freaking Amazon. These things don’t happen in my world.

I’ve got this.”

Read the rest of my newest guest blog here.